Xnor.ai Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the Xnor.ai Developer SDK. Xnor Bundles such as those included in the SDK are fast, self-contained AI packages that support a variety of computer vision tasks. In addition to the four Xnor Bundles included in the Xnor.ai Developer SDK, there are over one hundred different bundles optimized for various use cases available on Xnor's online platform, AI2GO.

This documentation is aimed at C or Python developers interested in using Xnor Bundles in their applications. If you encounter any issues running the SDK sample applications on a supported platform, or using Xnor Bundles in general, please let us know on our support forum.

Go forth and build something amazing!

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XnorNet Language Bindings:


Legal notice: This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.