Android is a popular embedded operating system, used in smartphones as well as in many embedded devices. Xnor Bundles can be easily integrated into an Android application to enable machine learning capabilities on-the-go.

System Requirements

We require Android API 23 (Marshmallow) or higher.

We support these processor architectures:

  • ARM (NEON required)

  • ARM64 (NEON required)

  • x86 (AVX2 required)

  • x86_64 (AVX2 required)


We can support additional processor architectures in custom builds. Contact sales if you are interested.

Setting Up for Android Development

You can use any build tool you like, but we recommend Android Studio.

Using Xnor Bundles

Xnor Bundles on Android are distributed as standard Android AAR files. If you are using Android Studio, check our our quickstart guide to see how to set up your application with our AAR. If you are using a different tool set, please consult the vendor’s documentation about how to use an AAR file.


All Android samples use Gradle. You can either use Gradle at the command line to build the applications, or import them into Android Studio to build them from there.

To use Android Studio to build them, open Android Studio and pick Import project (Gradle, Eclipse ADT, etc.) from the welcome screen. Pick the sample directory and click OK. You can then use it like any other Android Studio project, including clicking the Play button in the toolbar to build and run the sample on your preferred device.

Next Steps for Android Development